Who We Are

Infintrix Global is a global provider of IT management products & solutions and currently at the forefront of disruptive technologies to serve people across the world. We consider our privilege to be consistently chosen as the preferred partner of choice by several prominent Fortune 500 companies. With offices in Singapore, United Arab Emirates and India, Infintrix caters to a diverse clientele & industries related to Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing and E/M-Commerce. Infintrix has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification for observing international standards for the processes as well as design, development and implementation of software / portals.

Our Commitment


Provide value to our clients through relentless use of cost effective and breakthrough technologies that can effectively help them plug gaps in their processes and smoothen operations.


Foster innovation create a culture of innovation within the company where disruption is encouraged and given wings.


Build long lasting relationships with all stakeholders that helps to build a strategic vision and roadmap for Infintrix and create a legacy for others to follow.

Our Clients



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